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   Longhai Xinming Shipbuilding Co., Ltd at Xiamen port the Jiulong River Estuary of the purple clay of shipbuilding industrial zone, the company was founded in 1980, covers an area of 100 acres, coastline of more than 500 meters, with 25000 ton dock two seat, a 5000 ton class dock; a 20000 ton shipbuilding platforms, 10000 ton ship platform seat, two 2000 ton shipbuilding platforms; 1000 ton indoor shipbuilding workshop a. Supporting advanced lifting equipment, forklift truck, trailer, CNC flame / plasma cutting machine, bending machine, bending machine, press, frame bending machine, shear machine, milling machine and each kind of testing equipment and measuring instrument etc., the processing equipment is complete. Have a sound production personnel and technical management team. The company has the production department, technical department, supply department, quality control department, security department, chief engineer's office and so on. Strong technical force, in more than 30 years, the company continued to develop innovative, sustained and steady development become Fujian Minnan region of steel, wood, glass steel design and development, manufacturing service as one of the high-tech shipbuilding comprehensive enterprise.

   The continuous extension of the company's services, the ship building and repairing range covers fishing, shipbuilding, farm, transport of bulk cargo ship, container ship, customs, border patrol boats, fishery, fishery supervision and law enforcement ship, passenger travel and leisure yacht. With self import and export trade qualifications, the State Economic and Trade Commission awarded second class enterprise, through the qualification certification of China Classification Society and National Ship Inspection Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture approved for a fishing boat building enterprise, through the ISO9001 quality management system certification; Fujian Provincial Oceanic and fishery department named "Fujian Province 2013 annual top ten fishing ship repair enterprise"; Fujian fishery equipment association rated as "honest and trustworthy unit"; Zhangzhou City Shou contract re credit enterprises; "Longhai City large taxpayer" honorary title.

  Our purpose with high quality for the purpose, carefully week service as the leading enterprises from the management to quality supervision, a set of advanced science and management, build and repair all kinds of high quality ship, dedicated exhaust wisdom of for all customer service.

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